Released on June 17, 2020.

ScriptRunner 2020PS7

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Feature Overview Version 2020PS7

ScriptRunner Server

  • Now supporting PowerShell 7
  • New Framework: .NET 4.7.2
  • Optional PowerShell Core Host: (pwsh/SRXPSCoreHost.exe)
    • New Credential for SSH Keyfiles
    • Neu Option for target configuration: SSH connection
  • Target chains: for implementing admin jump hosts (which can be additionally secured with JEA) – and much more.
  • Predefined target connections
    • to Exchange Online with EXO V2 (ExchangeOnlineManagement Module)
    • to teams with MicrosoftTeams
    • custom cloud service connections with custom PowerShell connect and disconnect code
  • New Script parameters
    • [PSCustomObject]: for transferring PSCustomObject objects from a Query result to a Script
    • [Hashtable]: for transferring Hashtable objects from a Query result to a script
    • [System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.PSSession]: to build a ready-to-use PSSession to a target instance
    • [Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.CimSession]: to build a ready-to-use CimSession to a target instance
  • Improved security for [PSCredential] parameters: can no longer be selected via the execution wizard, but must be defined a priori via the Action configuration
  • New API for Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps: ScriptRunner/api2/StartAction API for Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps and option to export the corresponding OpenAPI files (aka Swagger) from the Admin app
  • Experimental features: Hyper-V, container and CimSession target connections

ScriptRunner Apps

  • Admin App
    • Actions: The Action wizard ignores LIB-tagged scripts because they are not intended for Actions anyway
    • Action configuration: Specification of multiple targets for an Action as well as the possibility for an executing user (also for Delegate App users) to interactively select the desired target for execution from this list.

ISE Add-On

  • New -force parameter to skip version check
  • User AppData path shortened for temporary local files