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ScriptRunner ActionPacks for PowerShell

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ScriptRunner Action Packs, PowerShell-Scriptsammlungen

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With ScriptRunner you can create free space for employees by automating and delegating routine tasks using PowerShell scripts. Many of these recurring tasks, such as onboarding processes, overlap in most IT teams. With ScriptRunner ActionPacks, automation and delegation for exactly these tasks is even faster and easier to implement.

The product and theme-oriented collections contain PowerShell scripts that cover typical use cases and routine activities in day-to-day business. You get access to a collection of use cases from various subject areas such as Active Directory, Office 365 and Exchange. All scripts are created according to Microsoft Best Practices for PowerShell Scripting, are available to you completely free of charge and can be used immediately in ScriptRunner.

Your benefit as a PowerShell beginner

The ScriptRunner ActionPacks offer you the possibility to use optimized scripts in ScriptRunner immediately or with small adjustments. Fast and easy, even without in-depth PowerShell know-how, you can immediately get into automation and delegation and create significant added value from the very first script. For more in-depth adaptations of the scripts, we offer you the Professional Services, in which we support you.

Your benefit as Powershell Admin/Developer

With the ScriptRunner ActionPacks you have access to a sample collection of Use Cases from which you can get suitable scripts as templates. The scripts can be easily adapted to company-specific needs and specifications in order to achieve the optimum performance for every purpose.

Your benefit as the IT Operations Manager

With ScriptRunner ActionPacks, your IT team can drive automation and delegation more effectively with PowerShell. You don’t save time, but also costs, because not every script has to be completely rewritten. The Use Cases from the ScriptRunner ActionPacks are optimized for ScriptRunner, thus we guarantee a high quality and a smooth execution of the scripts.

The ScriptRunner ActionPacks are made available on GitHub, regularly supplemented by further scripts and extended by further subject areas. Here you can simply download the scripts or use them directly in ScriptRunner via synchronization.

Available ScriptRunner ActionPacks

The scripts of the ActionPacks are sustainably maintained and further developed by our development team. The enhancements take place continuously with further ActionPacks as well as in the scope of the individual packs. Adjustments to new functions and possibilities with ScriptRunner included. To automatically keep the ScriptRunner ActionPacks up to date, you can simply synchronize them on your ScriptRunner host or copy the ActionPacks.

The following ActionPacks are available:

ActionPack for Active Directory

This ActionPack contains scripts for typical user and group management tasks. Activities for reading, creating, changing, deleting, adding, removing users and groups in the AD can be easily implemented and delegated. Resetting passwords, activating and deactivating users, dissolving groups and much more are standard features. With the new features of ScriptRunner 2018 you can now make the execution of scripts even more flexible and dynamic.

ActionPack for Azure AD

Similar to the ActionPack for Active Directory, it contains scripts for user and group management in Azure AD. It is based on the PowerShell module Azure AD 2.0 from Microsoft. Activities in Azure AD for managing Azure users and groups are standard.

ActionPack for Office 365

The script collection for Office 365 includes the ActionPack for Azure AD as well as two additional sub-packages for MSOnline and Exchange Online. The ActionPack focuses on current user and group management as well as the management of mailbox functions, distribution lists and resources in Exchange Online.

You can find more information about the ActionPacks on our website.

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