Improved Delegate app for the PowerShell delegation

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Featured Image: Verbesserte Delegate App für die PowerShell Delegation

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The feedback from our customers and the discussions at the PowerShell Conference Europe 2016 in Hanover have shown that with an app for delegation and the approach of a generic graphical user interface for PowerShell script, we are hitting a painful nerve of the administrators. The known and available approaches are far too complex for administrators, because they use programming frameworks like WinForms and WPF with XAML and are therefore at best suitable for experienced software developers.

The revised Delegate app allows you to assign actions to the tabs independently of the action tags.

This makes it possible to configure the content-organizational view of scripts and actions separately from the display logic in the Delegate App. In addition, an “All” tab that can be switched on and off allows all assigned actions to be viewed or controlled at a glance.

The individual tiles in the delegate can also be displayed in different colours. This allows administrators to highlight the tile either thematically or according to other criteria, or to design the views in the tabs.

The list of reports with the corresponding results of the script execution is also new.

Last but not least, one of the most important points:

After starting an action, a popup window is opened. After successful completion of the script execution, the results are presented in this report.

The output to be displayed in the window is simply freely defined in the script depending on the results and logic. The variable $SRXEnv.ResultMessage already mentioned in part 2 is also used for this purpose.

The two pictures illustrate this.

Ausführen delegierter PowerShell-Skripte

Run delegated PowerShell scripts

Ergebnis PowerShell-Delegation

Result in PowerShell delegation

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