Integration of the automation platform Automic with ScriptRunner 2016

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Integration ScriptRunner Automic

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Scripting should be as simple as possible, which is why automation and the interaction of different solutions are becoming increasingly important. For this reason ScriptRunner and Automic have now bundled their competencies and integrated the business process and IT automation platform Automic in a pilot project into the new ScriptRunner version 2016 with configurable connectors.

Automic is a large automation platform for IT-supported business processes. The core is an orchestrator for mapping complex processes and process interactions. These are mapped in individual tasks (Automic Jobs). At the same time Automic defines so-called action packs. These are intelligent agents and functions from third-party manufacturers either for their business applications or for subject areas. ScriptRunner serves as a supplement to the PowerShell Tasks theme.
For the pilot installation, a Web service connection and a job template were first configured under Automic, with which an example job was then set up. At the same time, a connector and the policy settings for an action to be started externally could be created in ScriptRunner. Then the workflow/job was started in Automic and ScriptRunner was triggered. The ScriptRunner action was executed in the policy context and the result was sent to Automic. Thus already in the first pilot project better results could be achieved thanks to automation. Automic customers can already use the solution for PowerShell jobs.

The figure illustrates the structure and steps mentioned in the text.

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