Integration of ScriptRunner with a Rights Management System

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Integration Rights Management

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We have now carried out a proof of concept together with a manufacturer of a rights management system for the Windows environment.

We presented our product and the philosophy behind it to a whole team from technology, sales and consulting. It is no understatement to say that everyone was enthusiastic about the functionality as well as about our not only aesthetic but also very functional UI. The technical integration of ScriptRunner with the system worked immediately; a typical case could be implemented and tested immediately.

The system continuously monitors changes and settings of rights and can also manage them itself. What is decisive, however, is what should happen if a change is noticed and does not conform to the rules. Or what exactly should happen in the event of a specific change by the system.

Typically there are very different procedures and procedures for each customer in the details. This results in a huge amount of individual feature requests for the manufacturer’s product. These can hardly all be reasonably accommodated in the product. With PowerShell scripts, however, you can map any Golden Handle.

In this context, the separation of rights between caller and executor of a script provided by ScriptRunner is of enormous importance. In PowerShell native this cannot be solved reasonably and safely, because the credentials have to be stored as plain text in the script. ScriptRunner is the perfect solution.

We are now working on making the integration of rights management systems even easier and more profitable in the future.

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