More efficiency through optimal interaction – integration of ScriptRunner in Matrix42

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Matrix42 und ScriptRunner, PowerShell Automation

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The complexity of the infrastructure and the increasing demand for efficiency create new challenges for IT departments. Nevertheless, many routine tasks are still performed manually. With ScriptRunner you can create free space for employees by automating and delegating these activities. A combination of ScriptRunner and Matrix42 offers you the possibility to make your workflow even more efficient.

ScriptRunner covers the execution level in the areas of event, task and service automation. The combination of both products also enables workflow automation. Once a workflow has been designed and configured using the Matrix42 Workflow Studio, it can be used to trigger various actions by Scriptrunner. The PowerShell scripts run and the results can be incorporated into the rest of the workflow. The main advantage of this approach is that the process design of workflows and the execution level run separately.

To enable an optimal interaction between ScriptRunner and Matrix42, ScriptRunner already has a Matrix42 workspace management connector installed. This makes it easy to start actions from the Matrix42 service application or from the Matrix workflow. You can call ScriptRunner actions from the Matrix42 service application via the Connector by mouse or scheduled and execute them on the target system. The information obtained is returned to ScriptRunner and via the connector also to the Matrix42 service application.

The connector for the integration of ScriptRunner in Matrix42 can be found in theMatrix42 Marketplace.

More efficiency, also for your IT department

Kai Greinke, IT manager of the Vogelbergkreis, already relies on the combination of ScriptRunner and Matrix42. By automating administrative tasks, the IT department is relieved of routine tasks and can invest the time gained in improvement and innovation projects. The interaction of ScriptRunner and Matrix42 already allows Vogelsberkreis to create new employees through the personnel department. For this purpose, the employees select the employment period and the functional area, an account with the stored data is automatically created and all participants are informed. “The response from employees has been consistently positive, time savings have been enormous and the IT department has been relieved of routine tasks,” explains Greinke.

Currently ScriptRunner offers a support service with editable script templates and action packs, where you can select scripts from a gallery and use them directly. In the future a drag & drop function is planned in Matrix42 to import scripts from the ScriptRunner gallery.

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