PowerShell Automation with ScriptRunner and Server-Eye

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With the aim of offering companies practicable solutions for the complete automation of IT operating processes, the cooperation between ScriptRunner and Server-Eye, the IT monitoring solution of Krämer IT Solutions GmbH, was concluded at the end of last year.

The combination of both solutions enables automated monitoring and troubleshooting of the IT infrastructure in addition to the automation of operational IT operations. Through the interaction of Server-Eye and ScriptRunner a better availability of the systems is achieved with additionally higher security, better efficiency and control.

Monitoring automation with ScriptRunner and Server-Eye

In a monitored system, Server-Eye acts as sensor and ScriptRunner displays the actuator acting on this sensor. The actuator scripts for ScriptRunner are included and can be used immediately.

  1. The server eye sensor generates an alarm
  2. Server-Eye creates an event for this alarm and puts it into a bucket
  3. The ScriptRunner Connector monitors the bucket and triggers the action
  4. The ScriptRunner Connector stores a status at the alarm
  5. ScriptRunner executes the action with the necessary administrative rights in a controlled manner and monitors them.

A high level of security is guaranteed by the complete decoupling of rights and roles.

Automating triggered actions increases efficiency in managing your customers’ infrastructures and applications.

The result is fully logged by ScriptRunner, which gives you complete control over event automation and complete traceability of all processes.

System environment with ScriptRunner and Server-Eye

The basis for the interaction between ScriptRunner and Server-Eye is laid in a few steps.

ScriptRunner is installed once in the environment of the Server-Eye Partner in his role as Managed Service Provider. Then the ScriptRunner backend connects to the Server-Eye Cloud using the Server-Eye Connector. The ScriptRunner Bucket is assigned to the user previously created in Server-Eye. A specially generated API-Key and the Bucket-ID are stored in the configuration of the ScriptRunner Server-Eye Connector and the connection to the Server-Eye Cloud is tested briefly.

To be able to manage customer environments with PowerShell, ONE existing server or system is configured as the management hub or jump host for PowerShell in the respective customer network. An existing virtual network connection to the customer environment, for example with IPSec, can also be used by ScriptRunner. Common gateways with IP Sec are Fritzbox, Telekom Router, Sophos UTM or XG systems and others.

The PowerShell Management Server feature is included with Windows, so all you need to do is configure it. Customers have their own network with their own AD domain and systems with server eye sensors. The customer system represents the source system with server eye sensors. The source system is connected to the server eye cloud via a Windows server with OCC connector.

After the target systems for PowerShell have been set up in the client environment, the ScriptRunner actuator scripts can be used.

With ScriptRunner and Server-Eye the processing time for alarms is reduced and thus an effective cost reduction is achieved. Based on three typical service scenarios, the following section describes the business potential offered by the combination of both solutions.

Server-Eye Monitoring Event Automation

The interaction of ScriptRunner and Server-Eye enables an automatic correction of errors and alarms as well as feedback of the results to the Server-Eye OCC. ScriptRunner acts as an automation platform.

Operation Center Excellence at Partner

For recurring tasks, ScriptRunner in the Operation Center Excellence offers a higher efficiency, security and reproducibility in the execution of daily administrative tasks through a consolidating app. High quality is achieved by reproducing routine tasks and the reports offer complete traceability of all processes.

Customer Self Service

With the delegation app, simple tasks are delegated around the clock to the end customer’s employees, thus relieving the operation center.

Efficiency potentials

With ScriptRunner, up to 80% of the monthly costs can be reduced for 25 customers who are served with the scenarios described above:

You can read more about monitoring automation with PowerShell and ScriptRunner in our practical example.

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